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You don’t need to have it all together to lead a Tribe. You just have to be willing to let God use you. To host a group, you simply choose a topic that interests you and select a time and location to meet with others to share it. It could be anything from Bible Study to a hobby your enjoy.  Why not take a hobby like kayaking or ultimate frisbee, something you already enjoy, and turn it into ministry?


Once you say yes to leading a tribe, we give you a few essential tools like first-time leader training, a directory where others can find your tribe, and support throughout the semester. We believe God uses tribes to change people’s lives, and as a tribe leader, you get to be a part of that.


Small Groups are how we care for each other therefore we need a bunch of tribes to facilitate this care properly.



If you are interested in registering a new tribe, email


MANDATORY TRAINING: All Tribe Leader Training is Sunday, August 29, 2021 at 5PM in the worship center.

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