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We believe kids are important to God and are some of the most vital members of any faith community. When a child decides to follow Jesus, they don’t receive Holy Spirit, Jr. -- they receive the Holy Spirit, who empowers them to live for God and love others. Through our ministries, kids have the opportunity to know God, discover purpose, and play a role in God’s story by learning the story of the Bible, worshiping together, and having fun!

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In Daniel, Chapter 3, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego stand tall while all their peers bow to the idol. They remain steadfast and uncompromising even when facing a literal fiery furnace. Jesus Himself shows up in the fire to save them. No bowing. No fear. No compromise. This is the central theme of Hope Valley Students that will be shared with every student! Pastor Josiah Huffman is passionate in preaching the Bible and breaking it down for your student to understand and grasp.

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Hope Valley Bible Church’s Outreach Ministries are called to serve the local community and to partner with ministries globally. We are committed to both doing ministry that honors Jesus and having the greatest Kingdom impact possible by:

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Women of the Word exists to bring meaningful intentionality to make Christ known by growing in our relationships with God and each other and sowing in our community to further God's kingdom.

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We want everyone to grow and experience life-changing community through our tribes.  These small groups help us develop relationships that encourage us on our journey.

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