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It Takes A Village

It Takes A Village



It Takes A Village is a tribe for Christian parents trying to raise godly children in today's world. This tribe is open to parents of children of all ages. We will focus on different studies that are geared towards raising children with Biblical morals and values and cover topics ranging from grace based discipline to preparing them for life outside our homes/supervision. We love our children and must make an intentional effort to raise them up in the ways of the Gospel. Have a new baby that may cry at unpredictable times or cause you to need to break away to feed or change them? Have a toddler who is just learning how to deal with their emotions? Single parent trying to do your best to be both a mother and a father? No worries! It Takes A Village will show nothing but love and grace towards whatever stage of life your little ones are in. Come join us because it truly does take a village!



Children Welcome



6:00 PM


Various Homes

Additional Info


*If FULL, we can still share your interest, but we encourage you to find an open Tribe for now.

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