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In Daniel, Chapter 3, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego stand tall while all their peers bow to the idol. They remain steadfast and uncompromising even when facing a literal fiery furnace. Jesus Himself shows up in the fire to save them. No bowing. No fear. No compromise. This is the central theme of Hope Valley Students that will be shared with every student! Pastor Josiah Huffman is passionate in preaching the Bible and breaking it down for your student to understand and grasp.

Image by Tim Hüfner


Sunday Mornings


Middle Schoolers: Join us at 11:00 AM in the student center

Grounded For Life ( High Schoolers): Meet at 10:45 AM in the kids center

Wednesday Nights

6th-12th graders meet for Momentum at 6 PM in the student center and sanctuary

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